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Duraflex Progress Hose

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  • Refineries
  • Chemical Industry
  • Military
  • Fire Brigades
  • Marine and offshore installations
  • Fire hose for usage under tough conditions


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  • Tough, durable and abrasion resistant
  • Resistance to oil, fuel and a wide range of chemicals
  • Resistance to heat, UV and ozone
  • Very low friction loss and low elongation
  • Excellent adhesion between rubber and textile
  • No cleaning and drying required
  • Easy to repair




  • Warp: High tenacity polyester.
  • Weft: Polymide; circular woven
  • The special weaving design offers a superior adhesion level and flow performance compared to an all polyester weave
  • The reinforcement is totally embedded in the rubber compound
  • Offers excellent protection against mechanical damage



  • Special high grade formulated NBR/PVC compound extruded  “through the weave” in a unique one step production process.
  • Special additives in the compound guarantee superior UV and ageing resistance
  • Inside: Very smooth for minimum friction loss
  • Outside: Ribbed for good abrasion resistance and protection against contact heat.


The Duraflex Progress Hose is the number one hose for firefighters worldwide, proven to be tough, durable, and resistant against abrasion, oil, fuel and a wide range of chemicals.



  • Coating of cover pinholes PROGRESS LATEX (avoid penetration of harmful liquids into the textile reinforcement)
  • Lengths up to 200m
  • Colour according to customer specification
  • Cold flexible version PROGRESS POLAR down to 30°C


NOTE that special options are subject to a higher price and a minimum order of 1000m per dimension. Production short lengths and overproduction up to 10% of the total order quantity have to be accepted. Enquire for details.

Standard lengths: 15m (50ft) and 20m (66ft), in bore size 38/45/64 and 70 mm also 18, 23 and 30m (60,75,100ft) other lengths on request.

Standard colour: Red + Add new category

Service temperature: -20 degrees up to + 100 degrees based on water

Valid standards: BS 6391 / Type 3, DIN 14811, NFPA 1961 and other national standards

 Change in technical specification without prior notice 10 Bar = 1MPa


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